Prop Firm Passing Service (FTMO, TFT, TFF, etc.) :


According to data published by FTMO, less than 10% of traders who sign up for their challenge actually pass the evaluation and verification. We know how hard it is to pass FTMO challenge (or any other prop firm challenge) and hit that 10% or 8% profit target. That’s why we are offering the best prop firm passing service and have been helping all those traders pass their challenges for them. We have a success rate of 100%. So, with our management strategy, you will not lose any challenges or money. Start your journey with us today and become a funded trader, where you can trade up to $200,000+ with FTMO or any other prop firm.


prop firm passing service


If you’re sick of failing prop firm challenges again and again, our prop firm passing service could change your life.

We help traders successfully pass any prop firm challenges. Start your journey with us today and become a funded trader. With over 17 years of experience in the forex industry, we are helping traders pass any Prop Firm Challenge.



If we fail, we buy a new challenge and pass it for free.


Here is proof of our work: (Click the image to view)


FTMO 200K Challenge:


best prop firm passing service


FTMO 50K Challenge:


pass your ftmo challenge


FTMO 50K Challenge:


prop firm pass


FTMO 100K Challenge:


pass your ftmo challenge


FTMO 100K Challenge:


pass my forex funds challenge


FTMO 200K Challenge:


best prop firm passing service


Our Fees:

Our fee for passing any prop firm challenge is $300 (for any account size).


Contact Us:

To help you pass your FTMO challenge or pass any prop firm challenge, please contact us at: or use the Contact Us form.


FAQs about our prop firm passing service:

Are you able to pass my FTMO challenge?

Yes! Our strategy can be implemented on any prop firm challenge of your choice, and regardless of the challenge size, we are able to pass both phases 1 and 2 in a matter of a few days.

Which prop firm do you suggest?

You can choose any firm; just make sure they are legitimate and trustworthy. Also, make sure they provide free repeat and extension warranties. Our most popular companies include FTMO, True Forex Funds, The Funded Trader, and E8.

What happens if you fail the challenge?

If we fail, we buy a new challenge and pass it for free.

When should I pay the service fees?

The service fees are upfront as they cover operational costs for the trading activities. Our trade executions are in the real market. We put our time and souls into these trade executions.

Can I place a trade on my account?

Upon handing your account to us for the passing of the challenge, all trading by the client is strictly prohibited as this will result in an immediate violation of our rules and agreement, and a refund is definitely not applicable.

Do you also manage prop firm accounts when funded?

Yes. After passing your challenge and verification phase, we offer prop firm account management, and we charge only 10% of your profit split.

How many accounts can you pass?

There is a limit to the maximum capital allocation by each prop firm to individual users. So, please get in touch with us before buying more prop firm challenges.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept crypto payments.

How long will it take to pass the prop firm challenge?

Our average passing time is 4 trading days for each phase. But usually it takes a few days to pass.